After spending approximately 1 month and 1 week of total time together I married a very special woman, and we are still married after 12 years.

When we first got together I was not working as I was waiting for all my relevant paperwork to come through, so we totally relied on my wife’s income. She had her own apartment, car and cat and made enough to cover all her needs. Since I was very low maintenance it covered all my needs too!

After a couple of months I received my paperwork and got to work. For a short time we had no kids, 2 incomes and financially life was great. My income transitioned to paying the rent and bills, while hers covered the car and everything else. It was amazing being “financially free” with no debt, we had the time of our lives.

Then came pregnancy. My wife was able to work pretty much full-time until about a month before our daughter was born, after that she was still able to work part-time, so even though we did not have the full force of 2 full-time incomes we still managed pretty well. Due to the school situation where we were living we decided to move to another state. I miraculously managed to secure a job and off we went to Texas!

My new job gave me a modest increase in salary, but my wife was unable to work as she no longer had a clientele. This brought us down to 1 income, and after moving to a new house in a new town we had to spend to make our house a home.

Having children changes you. You always want the best for them, you are always thinking about how they act, look, interact, etc. and how it will affect their future in society. Needless to say this had a massive impact on our finances as we made sure she had the nicest clothes, good quality furniture, good quality food, good quality friends… all of which costs money!

We have bills to pay and barely enough of an income to do it with. As a result I have had to come up with stealth saving scenarios to save as much money as I can to get us to a level where I feel we are financially free again.

I cant wait to show you how I do that 🙂


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