Saving $300 on event tickets by disappointing your family

When I was younger I used to love going to live events. Concerts, festivals, raves you name it and I was there. Sometimes I would go with a big group, and other times it was me and just a friend, but the outcome was always the same… we would have a great time.

It wasn’t just seeing the band or DJ that would make the night a great one, it was the combination of that and many other things:

  • The excitement of getting ready at home
  • The jokes on trip down to the venue
  • The electric atmosphere created by the crowds
  • Even the feeling after the gig on the way home

Since I would only buy a ticket for myself the cost wasn’t even a thought in my mind, plus I was living alone and didn’t really spend money on luxuries. Therefore spending $40 on a ticket and maybe $5 on the train to the venue wasn’t a big deal.

Although when you get married and have kids, going to see a concert becomes VERY expensive. You’re not just buying 1 ticket anymore, you buying 4 or more. Lets say you are spending $65 on the cheapest seats at the venue that’s already $260. You’re also not taking the train anymore, you’ve gotta take the car which means gas (since the venue is always downtown) and parking which gouges probably $20 out of you if you’re lucky.

Lets not forget the other things which can make this experience hell on earth:

  • The stress of getting everyone ready at home
  • The fights in the car on the way to the venue (kids fighting, parents fighting)
  • All those people!
  • The long tired drive home (by yourself since everyone else is asleep)

How can you avoid this madness, and more importantly how can you save yourself almost $300 on 1 night out?

Activate stealth saving mode! First of all make sure that if your spouse ever brings up going to see a concert, you are the one to find the information on it.

If your spouse ever busts out with “Hey, we should take the kids to see <insert child friendly entertainer here>”

You’re response must be (and this is very important) “Great idea! I’ll find out when it is and buy the tickets, the kids would love that!”

You now have 2 options to get out of this. The first one will be the timing of the concert, it will always be in the evening, and if you’re lucky it will be on a school night so you can say “That sucks, its on Thursday and the kids have school on Friday, they will be so tired!” or “The kids have <insert child sport> practice on Saturday morning, they will be so tired!”. If the well being of your kids is of no concern to your spouse and they still want to spend that money and go to a concert, you have to break out the big guns! Option 2.

“Oh that sucks, its sold out already and the cheapest tickets are $180 each!”. You know full well your spouse would never want to spend that kind of money… But you secretly know that the concert isn’t sold out and there are plenty of $65 seats available.

I know what you are thinking, how do you guarantee that your spouse now doesn’t check for cheap tickets? Well that’s always a possibility, but hopefully the enthusiastic performance you gave when your spouse first pitched the idea will make sure there is no doubt of your sincerity.

Don’t pull this too often though, you need to get out once in a while 🙂


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