How to buy something that’s more expensive to save money

How often do you buy underwear? I’m guessing not very often. I’ve had my current rotation of underwear for close to 4 years, and they are starting to look so haggard that my wife is ¬†throwing away the ones which she feels I shouldn’t wear anymore. Of course I feel like I could get at least 2 more years out of them, but since I’m not doing the laundry I don’t really get a choice.

Now underwear really isn’t that expensive, but I don’t want to buy just anything as I feel like returning underwear is frowned upon by every retailer (I think this is just a myth, but I don’t want to try it).

I really enjoy wearing the ones I have now, they are soft, comfortable and keep everything where its supposed to be without being too tight, so I decided to buy them again. It took me a while to identify the exact ones, I knew they were Hanes as the logo it stitched to the front of it, but the actual type was printed to the back of them on the inside. This faded long ago on most of them, so I tried to find the ones that were barely readable. Eventually after much stretching and holding them up to the light I found that they were called “ComfortSoft”.

After researching online I found them at 2 places that I was willing to purchase them from:

  1. Walmart where I could get 8 of them for $14.98 + tax (5 pack plus 3 free).
  2. Amazon where I could get 5 of them for $14.98 + tax (5 pack only)

The choice seems like a no-brainer, spend the same amount of money at Walmart and get 8 instead of 5. However in this particular scenario to save the most amount of money I actually decided to get less for my money and buy them from Amazon.

Let me explain. Where I work everyone who is on the health insurance plan is also enrolled in something called Go365. Its a way to track how healthy you are and earn points to reach different levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) that help lower your insurance premiums for next year. You earn points by doing various “healthy” activities such as getting a physical, getting your teeth cleaned, working out etc. Another added benefit is that some of the points you earn also earn something called “bucks”. The “bucks” can be redeemed for Fitbits, Nike gear, and…… gift cards.

I was able to spend my bucks to get an Amazon gift card for $25 which I used to buy my underwear, therefore saving $14.98 + tax. I plan to use these “free” gift cards to purchase other everyday items from Amazon and in turn save even more money.

Never overlook these benefits from your employer. Companies are always implementing creative ways to make working for them more desirable.

So here’s to another 4 years of not spending any money on underwear!


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