How a role reversal can save you between $10 – $100+ on your next shopping trip

Guys you have to make sacrifices for this to work. But the payoff can be big!

If you have a wife/girlfriend then she probably likes to shop… a lot! My wife is no exception, and what makes the shopping experience even more fun for her is when I’m there.

“Babe we need to go to the store when you get home, we need x, y and z” or “I need to go to the store, we need x, y and z”

Being the good husband I agree… because I always agree.

If you happen to be with your partner you get to witness this!

As soon as we get to the store I bust out the shopping list and make a plan about where we should start. Boxed and canned goods first, then refrigerated and lastly frozen. As I head off with the shopping cart to find the first item on the list I start to feel a sense of loneliness. I turn around and notice my wife isn’t with me, she’s been bewitched by the make-up aisle. I head over to her and begin to panic, she is holding items in her hand which don’t correspond to the ones she is currently looking at, that only means one thing… she’s planning on buying them, and you guessed it they are not on the LIST!

From the make-up isle we migrate to the hair care aisle, then the clothes aisle, then the housewares aisles, then the bathroom aisles, then the gift wrapping aisles, then the sale aisles, then the garden center aisles, then the toy aisles, then the candle aisles, back to the clothes aisles, until finally we reach the food aisles.

By this point we’ve spent over an hour walking around the entire store and our shopping cart is now filled to the brim with things which we didn’t actually plan to buy. When we finally finish buying food and check out we’ve spent over $100 on extra crap, my wallet sure did take a beating.

This used to happen more often, until my stealth saving skills kicked in! The next time you get the phone call or text mentioning that shopping is in order, say the following:

“Don’t worry I’ll go to the store, just let me know what you need”

As a stealth saver this move can seriously affect your bank balance in a positive way. With you doing the shopping you can stick to the list instead of being distracted by those clever marketing displays and spending money unnecessarily. I personally start at the back of the store and work my way to the front as fast as possible. In fact I do this so often my wife hardly ever has to go to the store and almost expects me to go shopping for her.

I couldn’t be happier! But don’t enjoy it too much… just in case 🙂


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